1/2 orc fighter raised by monks


Feats: two-weapon fighting, ambidexterity


mother died in childbirth. left on monastery steps at time coincident with monks’ auguries of good fortune. though not able to reach a consensus interpretation of his appearance, monks decided to retain guardianship of him.

one monk happened to know some orcish, and jokingly named him “gruush” (“none/zero”), the closest word in orcish to the zen concept of “emptiness”. the name stuck, albeit in its common tongue form, as the monks thought it prudent to downplay his orcish heritage.

as he grew, he was groomed for monasticism, though was not the prodigy they hoped for academically, and showed an inability to stay awake during meditation that no amount of caning seemed to remedy. it was eventually decided that his destiny might be that of a warrior in service to their temple rather than a monk per se, and a tutor from the military academy was brought in.

the monks weren’t sure whether to be pleased or concerned by the relish with which zero took to combat.

zero eventually took his place as a temple guard, though it remained obvious that he fit in poorly, and though obedient, was restless. zero’s combat tutor suggested that zero be made available for odd jobs for the city military, the proceeds from which could go to the temple. the monks were again divided on the issue, though ultimately acquiesced, and soon got used to the money he brought in (essentially a 10% tithe — he gives them 100% of his income, they re-invest, on average, 90% of it in the form of better equipment/training/per diems).

zero considers his preference for action over contemplation to be a shameful birth defect. most of the monks quite agree, though do not say so out loud, instead offering bits of consolatory wisdom (“the ox is slow, but the earth is patient”).

common phrase said: “goblins dead, city safer, temple’s share 50 gp. master seung will be pleased.”


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