Sheister of a cleric theif


Onanamo. Smallish mid human from the backlands of the northwest, therabouts the dangerous plains. Dark skinned, turkish in appearance. Lawful neutral. Black hair, black eyes.

str: 10 dex: 17 con: 16 int: 11 wis: 17 chr: 16 max HP: 20, AC: 17, initiave: +7, attack +2

cleric theif, level: 2/1 morning star 1d6, light crossbow 1d6 (+3), daggers 1d3, warhammer 1d8 (+1) studded leather, light steel shield

skills: diplomacy (5), heal (10), hide (4), move silently (7), profession- oratory (5), use rope (4), bluff (5), appraise (1), search -find traps (4), spot (6)

cleric spells… lvl 0: 4, lvl 1: 2+1

Domains: trickery, war (warhammer +1)

feats: intitiave (+4), quick draw, weapon focus – warhammer (from war domain) languages: common

+1 atk vs. dwarves due to “mandatory defense training” funded by the Mahki-Fuhrush Council.

backstabbing, sneak attack 1d6, trapfinding

blanket, rope, bedroll, candles (3), waterskin (2), fishhooks & line, flint & steel, grapple, hoodded lantern, sm mirror- steel, paper, 5’ pole, cookpot-spoon, tent, oil, pouch, holy sumbol, clothes & boots & jacket, rations, bobcob book, pencil/charcoal, backpack, spell components, lockpick.


Onanamo is a sheister of a cleric theif, often begging in markets, only to run ruses and theive from the passerby’s as a daily effort. He often uses this money to help others, ussually other street urchins, though being lawfull neutral believes one must help oneself first. As a result he is as not as charitable as his speech might lead others to believe. He is also sneaky, and prefers profit through non-confrontation.

When Onanamo was 9 their family moved into the great oasis of the north, where there was a nearby large village and monestary, with large religious community. His parents had aquired wealth in the great herd drives of the dangerous plains, of the corinthian province, where almost free cattle sold for great price, and thus sent him to the local monestary for schooling. He learned many things from the great monks in his 4 year attendance, including minor healing spells and other tricks. These monks were focused on intellectual and oratory pursuits, in the pursuit of providing service to the wandering hero’s of the world. They often fed or healed these individuals for free. They were known for great speeches and their ability to sway others decisions through this gift for oratory and diplomacy.

When he was 13 religious warriors came to the city, killing the high order of the monks and political leaders in the night, leaving over 200 dead. The mogol war had been advancing closer throughout the years, and now less than 500 miles away, this was a sign from the hordes that soon they would take what they desired. People fled the city, fearing greater invasion, and that included Onanamo’s tribe. Those lands were indeed overrun with destruction within the next 6 months.

Onanamos tribe fled west, towards the north of the dangerous plains, where they new other like themselves lived. They knew the could survive in the land of the Mahki-Fuhrush, though his family had no desire to live near a city again. Him family group, the Mkeshki, went back to herding, hunting, and various thieverly pursuits related to their nomadic lifestyle. They were excellecent pickpockets and slight of hand, so a mouthfull was only ever a small travel away.

Onanamo of the Mkeshki tribe was married at 15, in an arranged marriage, to a 14 year old wife, krishana. When he was 16 they had a son. When he was 18 his entire family and hometown was wiped out by the murderous norther hordes, while he was out with a small hunting party. He never saw the attackers, but always suspected a group of mogol dwaves, a sleazy party in companion with half-orcs and other undesirables. He hid out for a year in caves, finally escaping to the border, and deciding it was time to move on, and find adventure in his travels.

After the mogol hoards swept through his hometown, little identifiable was left. There was much destruction, burning, and dismemberment. There were piles of the burning bodies of smouldering babies, warriors heads on stakes, and the soiled bodies of the women taken advantage of. That said there was no way to identify the victims, and thus distinguish those taken as slaves. Based on the massive level of destruction it is doubtful if there were any slaves, though it was possible.

When he was mid 19 he enrolled in the Royal Knights brigade, in battle against the mogol (or should I say mongrel) dwarves of the northern chaos, and was assinged to the queens healing brigade. He worked the back lots of battlefields, amputating arms with halberderds and a tourniquet, and performing other battle wearing acts of devotion to the Knights Holy Order. At night he occasionally worked as a spy, infiltrating enemy lines to search for information, always under the guise of in call to a comrade in need. Many times he was called upon to sabotage the enemies supply lines, commit flank attacks to confuse the enemy, and infiltrate their ranks to gain information. This call to duty lasted 18 months, wheupon finishing his term, he left to gain his fortune and fame in the world. He decided to seek his place in the wide beyond, and only time would tell his future.

The brigade were servants to the Mahki-Fuhrush, accepting their servitude in exchange for great status and respect. A religious sect of elite military, specifically to serve the purpose of the ruling order. They often operated independent of the knowledge of the general public, as their affairs were royal in nature, and thus under extreme secrecy. He was assigned to work under ‘Heben ali baka’ A great illusionist/cleric/assasin, who provided training in the pursuits of deception, as well as the art of healing. Heben was a lifetime servant of the queen, directly under the service of ‘Mark Mark’, the fourth finger of the queen, a mysterious individual, who it was purported only the queen and king knew his birth name, or for that matter his level or specific skill set. That said, mark mark was an expert in any skill onanamo has seen him attempt, and his spells knew no limits.

While in the knights brigade he found himself assigned to the queens brigade. There were 3 sections of this upper elite group of fighters, though not of the royal personal guard, rather servants to the throne for the purpose of defense of the throne and the overthrow of its enemies, or more specifically the mogols of the north. These 3 mini-armies each were similar to a templar sect of modern era, the knights of the holy order of the kings brigade were warrior clerics, attending to the holiest of battles, and commanding great armies of commoners. The knights of the holy order of the queens brigade, of which onananamo was, were a division which focused on deception and infiltration, more thieverly pursuits. In addition when the kings brigade went into large skirmishes, the queens brigade was often called on to provide background support, healing, and infiltration. The final order, the knights holy order of the knights, was a group of commander elites, almost exclusively royalty, who provided leadership and commanders to the general armies of the nation.

In the queens brigade there were only 5 ranks, initiate, accolade, faithful servant [warrior] lifetime servant [leader], and left hand of the queen [advisor] (of which there were only 4). In addition the queen had an overseer to the group, always by her side for her personal defense and information, known as the Great Overseer of the queens brigade, oft refered to as her majesty’s thumb. He was know and ‘Hirig shali shishamura katasumararu shabalshaloushaksoumaskassa omari kari Hiramatsu Kanama okanmi nokaburgi hiamatao-khans-sato-hishomira, of her majesties royal order’. So important was Hirig, that by law his name could not be spoken in public in his precense without including the quote ‘of her majesties royal order’, lest ones tounge be cut off.

Onanamo attained the revered accolade status before his servitude was completed. At this point accolades were encouraged to return to the world in order to prove their worth. Only by choosing great missions, and performing tasks in the servitude of the land through ones own volition could they be allowed back into servitude, if that was their choosing. The order requires personal religious or conquest quests in order to ascend beyond accolade.

He is of human descent, looking like what nowadays we would call a turkish-asian mix. He considers himself a half-breed, often keeping this info from others, so as to appear more pure blooded turk than he is. He grew up in a rural community, a group of less than a few hundred individuals, tens of families. These individuals engaged in herding, hunting, warfare, and pickpocketing for their incomes. They lived in Yuricks, the large hide nomadic tents, though often habitating a single oasis for years at a time. The live in the norther lands in the west, on the borders between civilization and chaos.

Hunting and herding were of Onanamo’s prime tribal chores. In addition he often spent weeks at a time in the city, variously taking up to a month of travel, to purvey a series of minor crimes on the inhabitants, and to gain funds through donation through his box-crate street preaching. He always returned with profits, and more importantly supplies like butter, cheese, flour, rugs, pans, weapons, armor, and anything else of use. On top of that there was always work purveying the skills of nightward deception, of which he took fair advantage.

Given a few extra moments in a town with lots of people, he would always jump up on a post, chair, or crate, and begin…

‘HEATHEN, give me your ears, for I have the answers to the curses that ail you. Through great strife I have discovered the secrets to wealth, prosperity, and curing of your physical debilitations. Come listen for a few moments and I will expound truths that any creature can use to improve their wares in the world. For the world is not a thing of mystery when one knows the rules, and these I am willing to share with you’.

This invariably leads to rhetoric expousing the vitalities of the gods, and his direct relationship with these entities. He will then lead into minor acts of healing, in order to impress, promising favors and blessings for a small fee. Often these preachings are run as scams, with other small groups of urchins to play the ‘fake healed’ or ‘divinely saved’, though of course there is some real truth behind the mask of Onanamo’s limitations of being only 1st level. It is not uncommon for the sale of snake oil or charms to accompany these speeches.

The urchins groups have worked well in the past for Onanamo, which he often organized to provide for various scams or thieving parties. In addition to the religious preaching, the groups are known for cooperative pickpocketing, intimidation, minor jewel thefts, and in rare cases (and for the right price) assasination….Though typically accomplished through less than ideal means due to the lack of skill sets.

Since the great cleansing of his tribe, and Onanamo’s hiding in caves, and futher enlistment in the Knights Brigade, he has most been a vagabond traveling to various cities, organizing small groups of urchins, preaching and stealing for profit. He has hopes of someday organizing a more rigid structural organization, perhaps becoming the high priest of a god of thievery, specifically in order to facilitate the organization of criminal groups. In many ways he will become the grandfather our own modern religious structure, merging the power of faith (and the protection it brings) with the churches ability to organize for the purpose of profit. In many ways he desires to run a mafiosa style organization, that would operate similar to the templar knights, though this would be many years away. He is now 23 years old.

It is common when entering battle for him to say ‘We will taste the blood of the mongols today!’, and prior to committing a criminal act, just before the act, will whisper ‘May Crom be blind to the plight of peasants’. He has no idea who Crom is, but once overheard a very powerful thief, thrown into the ring for combat, say ‘Crom protects the souls of the thieves’, and he has always believed that.

There are ancient stories of crom. He is known as a lost god of thieves, perpetrated through depeception and cunning for the purpose of great riches and jewels. It is known….

‘Crom sounds like a God of thieves who was forgotten, and now lies dormant. He became a footnote in history, and was only rarely invoked. Perhaps a faith is stirring in you, Onanamo. This faith could bring back the church of Crom, thought to be dead for over 300 years. Today, the name Crom would only be recognized by historians and other info-philes. Scribble and Zero have probably heard of this forgotten god once or twice, due to their backrounds. ‘

Onanamo now follows Crom. He believes if he can awaken his forgotten spirit, then he will be in line to find great power as Crom’s high priest. Only time will tell if this is my fate.


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