Scribble Dinklefarn

Gnome Wizard / Cleric


Gilfan Sniff Kinbold Eensy Binkle Scribble Dinklefarn (“Scribble” for short) is a gnome from the moderately sized gnomish community of Specklewood in the low wooded hills near a larger human city.

Scribble has an extraordinarily large nose (even for a gnome), and was thus given the name “Sniff” at birth by his father. As he matured, he was always much smaller than other gnomes, and only grew to 3’ tall and 40 pounds. His uncle thus gave him the name “Eensy” when he was 19 years old (at that time, he was only 2’ 5”).

Scribble showed an early aptitude for magic, and his family was well-off enough to send him to a magic tutor. He scribed his first scroll at the young age of 23 (he is currently 48 years old), thus earning him the prestigious title of “Scribble”, which was given to him by his mentor, and is now his preferred nickname.

Scribble sees magic as a gift from the god Boccob that is to be shared, and that magic and knowledge are the keys to peace and harmony in the world. Recently, Scribble has taken this philosophy a step further and has begun to study the religious side of Boccob more intensely. To this effect, Scribble has become slightly evangelical in his religion, causing many other gnomes to see him as “too serious”, and other followers of Boccob to see him as “too evangelical”. Scribble has not given up his reverence for Garl Glittergold (god of gnomes) and he even sometimes prays to other good gods, depending on the occasion. Scribble is neutral good.

Feeling that ALL magic is a gift from Boccob, Scribble refused to specialize in his studies since it would require rejecting some magical schools and Scribble wants to enjoy all possible gifts from Boccob.

Scribble has eight brothers and four sisters, and too many cousins to count. He is very close to his family, and family ties are extremely important to him. However, his new-found religious beliefs draw him away from his family more and more.

Scribble has thus far led a fairly sheltered life in a well-to-do (not rich) family. Scribble regularly travels to the city to trade his family’s various goods, and his family has dealings with all of the “normal” races. The thought of venturing beyond Specklewood and the familiar parts of the city scares him, but he also believes that Boccob has called upon him to do so.

Since he has been venturing out more often, his mentor Riggleborn (an old adventuring wizard himself) has tried to explain many of the dangers that Scribble will likely face. For this reason, Riggleborn has recently begun to teach Scribble several spells which are geared more toward defense and combat. Riggleborn has also taught Scribble how to obtain a familiar, and Scribble’s immediate goal is to obtain the funds and necessary components to obtain this wonderful blessing from Boccob.

Scribble has never seen a kobold or goblin or any other dangerous monster, but knows about them from books and drawings. He has also undergone the standard gnomish training against those monsters, since all Specklewood gnomes are required to spend five years in the Specklewood militia starting in the spring of their 40th year.

Scribble knows how to fight, but has never been in a life-or-death situation, since Specklewood’s close proximity and trade relationship with a large human city keeps it relatively safe from outside attacks.

My plan is to have Scribble alternate between wizard and cleric levels (probably not evenly, depending on circumstances) and eventually move into the mystic theurge prestige class. He will either focus hard on item creation or meta-magic feats (both directed at party support and evangelism ; I have not yet chosen which) depending on how I develop his character. Initially, I plan to focus his initial skills on engineering, alchemy, and various other knowledge-based and crafting skills (possibly playing on the bard favored class for gnomes).

To play up his military training, Scribble will probably wear padded or leather armor and use a light crossbow and a gnomish hooked hammer. However, I expect that he will not begin to do so until his first life-or-death combat situation scares the hell out of him.

My goal is to play him as a deep character, rather than a combat munchkin. He will learn from his adventures, and develop skills and levels according to his experiences, rather than long-term “on-paper” goals.

Scribble Dinklefarn

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